RPC Node Performance Testing: Ensuring Reliability in Blockchain Applications

Image of a code representing RPC Node Performance Testing

RPC Node Performance testing is an important part of ensuring that any system, including blockchain applications, meets the requirements and expectations of its users. When we talk about blockchain applications, RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes serve as the essential bridge between applications and the blockchain itself, facilitating data exchange and transaction processing. Hence, assessing their […]

CompareNodes Methodology – The Magic Behind GNC App & Performance Charts

In blockchain and web3 development, understanding and optimizing the performance of infrastructure providers is of paramount importance. The team behind CompareNodes has developed two distinct methodologies to measure and compare the latency of RPC’s across various blockchain protocols and networks: the Performance Page and the Global Node Comparison (GNC) App. These methodologies offer developers valuable […]

RPC Performance: Understanding Latency and Its Impact

The Internet has spoiled us all. Instant purchases, instant information, instant gratification. We want everything to be done instantly and the speed of communication and data transfer is no exception. Enter RPC!  Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a powerful tool that allows different processes to communicate with each other across different computers. However, what happens […]

Blockchain Node Provider – Factors to consider when choosing the right one for your project

The rise of blockchain technology has sparked a revolutionary transformation, leading to an unprecedented demand for trustworthy blockchain node providers. These providers play a vital role in validating and recording transactions on the blockchain network. Selecting the right provider is crucial, as it can be the difference between building a successful unicorn startup and joining […]